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Even though video games can be a perfect alternate activity for your kids to play when you are not around, you have to keep into factor that your kids should not be playing violent video games. Here is why.


Any games other than 18+ games

Without a doubt, there are many great benefits when it comes to playing video games. It can certainly help your child with their thinking skills and interactive skills. However, at a young age, kids are supposed to be playing video games that can help them learn new things. There are many games out there that can help with learning such as the likes of Roblox or Minecraft. 


However, if you allow your kids to be playing violent video games like Call of Duty. It won’t be healthy for your kid. Why? Because your kids will be mixing with a room of adults, there is a possibility. of adults giving bad influence to your kid Secondly, you do not know what kind of bad behaviour your kids will develop when they play these kinds of games. There are many examples online of bad behaviours by kids when they play Call of Duty. For example:

  • Raging: Playing in games like Call of Duty will make your kid involved in raging a lot. Why is this happening is because these games can be highly addictive and people just want to win, even though games are meant for you to relax.
  • Bad-tempered: Your kid might develop a bad temper when playing a violent game. The reason for this is that video games suppress emotions. Unceasing suppression prevents the amygdala from connecting to the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is responsible for learning. This can prevent your kid from learning which will make their progress at the game slower. Thus, more frustration equals more anger.
  • Usage of profanity: Your kid will end up learning lots of profanity because of the influence from the adults in the online video game lobby. They(your kid) will learn a lot of creative profanity that you have never heard of before.
  • Game addiction: Game addiction. Without proper control, your kid might end up getting addicted to the game. In order to prevent that, parents should enforce a time limit on how long their child can play in a day. Parents can also set a rule that if their exam results are showing signs of deterioration, they (parents) will confiscate their game device.


Wary of loot box in video games

Besides all of the points that are mentioned above, parents should also be wary of loot boxes in video games. Loot box can be considered as a form of gambling in video games. Players will gamble to win themselves better in-game items in the form of game skins. To put it short and simple, loot box in video games is identical to an online casino in Malaysia. Not until they are mature enough and financially stable. Parents should keep an eye on their kids’ gaming activities.

online casino in Malaysia