Which is Better for Your Website: www or non-www

Do you want to give your business its much-needed online presence? Well, you need to make the most out of your company website. In order to do this, you must implement an efficient SEO strategy and you need to get helped from experienced seo specialist. One of the questions you may ask regarding this the use of “www” in your website URL. Is this better for SEO?

Google and other search engines have no specific preference. So, you may or may not use “www” in your website URL. Even reputable digital professional agree with this. They believe that this has very minimal SEO implications. It depends heavily on your brand and audience’s decision.


When you are setting a new website, it wouldn’t really impact your SEO. What you must avoid, though, is constantly changing your URL from no www to www. Remember, shifting back and forth all the time is not a wise decision. This will only create confusion for all search engines. Make your choice, and stick to it.

Take note, it’s easy to set your preferred web domain through Google Search Console. However, if you decide to change it later on, that’s okay. You just need to ensure that all redirects are appropriately set up, and all internal links are fixed. Chances are, you won’t see any change in your SEO.