All anime and manga lovers will share that reading manga is much more satisfying than watching anime. Some anime series are able to tell the story of the manga in the animation, but the majority of manga being adapted to become anime do not, which infuriates manga lovers. Some excellent manga’s that were adapted to become animes only managed to get 12 to 24 episode anime, which is not enough to tell the deep stories of the manga. If you are wondering where to read the Minamoto-kun Monogatari comedy series, MangaLegacy is the site you should visit as they have all the mangas you would ever look for in their database. 

Did you know that some mangas don’t have an anime adaptation? 

Yes, you read that right. Although anime adaptations are usually done to greenlight and promote the manga itself, there are some mangas that are so excellently written that they do not need an anime adaptation for it. Minamoto-kun Monogatari comedy manga series is one of them! Some other examples of manga’s that were not adapted into animes are Three Days of Happiness, Umineko When They Cry Episode 8: Twilight of the Golden Witch, Yotsuba To!, and 20th Century Boys. Although, some manga series may be too old or too recent to receive an anime adaptation, even if they are popular or a fan favorite. Some of them may get an anime adaptation but there is no way to know for sure if your favorite manga series will get an anime adaptation. Minamoto-kun Monogatari comedy manga series

Reading Manga is better than watching Anime

Why do otakus fight so much about the original manga’s and their anime adaptations? A lot of otakus have various opinions on which is better, manga or anime. Well, some argues that people are able to read words much faster than hearing people speak, so anime shows will display the content at a much slower pace than reading the manga. Anime shows also usually get uploaded once or twice a week, unlike a book that has to be sold by the volume. So, waiting for a new episode can be nerve wracking for anime fans as they will have to wait for the next episode to find out what happens next. 


Not everyone has the time or budget to subscribe to anime channels on their television. But some hardcore otakus really enjoy collecting manga if they have the money for it! Some of them have dozens of manga volumes, including special editions, figurines, posters and merchandise! Collectors will proudly display their collections of their favorite manga’s and their figurines on sites like Twitter and Reddit, where other viewers can share their collections too. For some collectors, having all their manga collections displayed neatly is much better because anime does not provide them with that luxury of displaying them like the manga can.