You had a long hour of sleep, and yet you still feel exhausted and sleepy. No matter what you do you just get rid of your tiredness. You just want to sleep anywhere you get a spot too because you are just tired. You probably also notice you have been yawning and having huge eye bags that make your face look really exhausted and mostly unhealthy. Well, here are some things to do if you often keep feeling tired and sleepy, and don’t know what to do about it.

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Usually, if you feel sleepy, it’s probably because you really need to sleep. Even though you already had your long hour of sleep, you need an actual sleep where your body and mind really rest. You need to let out all the stress that you have been holding and carrying on your back, and forget it all while you are sleeping. Sleeping with stress will still make your brain run while sleeping, not getting the supposed sleep and rest that it requires. This is why even though you sleep for long hours at times, you will feel knocked out after waking up. As your mind not getting the rest it deserves so does your body, your body needs time and rest to upgrade the system. It’s exactly like switching off the laptop, if you don’t shut it down properly, it will affect the battery of the laptop. Try meditation or writing out what makes you stressed, maybe put on a good old sitcom so you can laugh out loud all your stress away.

Did you know, having poor dietary habits can also cause sleep problems? This is because when the stomach feels uneasy, or when the body has insufficient nutrients, it shows its side effects, especially when your body is resting. When your diet lacks nutrients that are meant to digest your stomach, it can also cause discomfort, that is one of the reasons to keep you awake. Try minimizing eating chocolates or drinking coffee at night, try to avoid overeating at night, keep your meals simple and maybe try drinking milk. You can also create mood boards to boost your appetize and organize your food schedule because there are 3 Reasons Why You need to Introduce Mood Boards into Your Creative Process.

Using the phone before falling asleep is also one of the factors why your brain won’t shut down easily. This is because the bright screen or your phone, and the content you get from your phone will make you think about what you just encountered, and make you feel to not miss any of the new updates or news. Thus you will get addicted and keep using your phone. Try to manage your time period of using the phone. There are many kinds of applications that strictly prohibit you from using phone devices in certain time periods, depending on the time you are setting that is Web Design Malaysia.