Gaming applications have been well-loved by people of various ages and gender. There are too many gaming applications to count today and despite that, so many new gaming applications are released every day. Because of this, it is hard to keep track of the good ones especially when the spotlights were stolen by popular gaming applications from big companies. It is entirely possible how a few underrated apps are not noticed despite their amazing features and mobile-friendly traits. 

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To show you some awesome gaming applications that were unfortunately underrated in the world of IT, here are the top 5 of those gaming applications you should check out.

#1 Ink Jump Ball Tower

This latest version of the Helix Drop Ball games comes with great HD graphics and satisfying game play. As this is an ink ball game, all of those characters are ink balls. Basically you play an ink ball, leaving behind a trail of ink blobs all over the place before moving on to more challenging levels. You can even control a variety of the characters in the game. It is unbelievable how unknown this gaming application is. The reason for this is the large companies dropping fat cash stacks into advertising their games, causing a disadvantage to small developers like this game.

#2 Ridiculous Fishing

It should be illegal how underrated this game application is. It is a personal favorite of mine, always becoming a good distraction to kill some time alone. The entertaining part of the game is how the game is played. You simply drop your line in, but instead of catching those fishes, you should let it drop all the way to the bottom by avoiding the fishes and obstacles. Then you haul the line back up, grabbing hundreds of fishy friends on the way before shooting them out the sky with military grade weaponry in a splattery haze of bullets and fish guts. The game becomes even more fun when you can upgrade the guns and along the way, unlock new weapons and special items.

#3 Mega888

With the massive popularity of online gambling these days, it is unbelievable that some people have not heard of this particular gaming application. Despite being a famous online mobile casino in the gambling industry, more people should be introduced to this application. Providing best experience in casino gaming and betting entertainment, it is even a great platform for new beginners to try out this form of relaxation. There’s nothing to lose as you can even hone your risk calculation skills and enjoy the exhilarating thrill of facing some strong opponents online. The best thing that could happen is that you earn real money and become a professional gambler. It is never impossible especially if you follow the common steps in order to be a professional gambler and turn it into your career. Why wait? Download the game mega888 now!

Finally checking out these gaming applications?

It is very clear how the rising number of gaming applications bombarding the industry is affecting the small developers and making their creation invisible and underrated. I hope this article has been helpful in introducing to you some of the amazing underrated gaming applications. There’s this saying that goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Thus, let’s not make early assumptions about gaming applications that are not well-known because you might be surprised with the outcome of giving it a chance.

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