There is no denying that divorce cases all over the world are increasing on a yearly basis. Family attorneys can attest that the dissolution of marriages may result in their children not being able to fully develop psychologically.

You see, it is not only the spouses who should be taken into consideration but also their children as well. It is safe to say that almost all of the courts would always want what’s best for the child’s welfare. And, since modern research shows that they are better off having a good relationship with both parents, then an agreement between the father and the mother would have to be made.

For instance, child custody will usually be granted to the mother of the child, especially if the child is under 7 years of age. If the child is old enough to provide their consent, then they will have the chance to choose and decide for themselves which way they want to go.

Be that as it may, no matter who ends up with the custody of their children, it is still important that both parents remain constant communication with their child so as to still maintain holistic development all throughout.

The only time it is deemed not fit for the child to interact with either parent is if it is to the detriment of their holistic development. For instance, an abusive father may not be the most perfect candidate when talking about the child’s well-being.

Balance of Work and Family Life

It is already universally recognized that both the father and the mother are financially capable of supporting their children. That is why the notion of the housewife and just a single breadwinner has been scrapped to account for the changes in modern society. According to Psychological reports and research, it is found that it doesn’t matter where the child spends their time with- so long as either parent is given ample time to be with their children.

That is why there are some jurisdictions that would establish certain timeframes for the parents to adhere to. This will ensure that no matter what the situation is, both parents would still give enough time to their children for the betterment and welfare of their kid/s.

It is Only for the Best Interest of the Child

For a time, we are led to believe that the mothers would always get preference from the court, especially when it comes to child-rearing. That is because, by nature (or what was believed before), children are best kept with their mothers. But, this notion is no longer honored in court.

It is now believed that both the mother and father be given equal opportunities to spend time with their children as it has been found out by numerous studies that the welfare of the child is maintained if both parents are involved.
So, whether you’ve won your divorce case or not, it is still best that your decisions be contingent upon the welfare of your child.