“Would you prefer to do your work in the dark or under the bright light?”

“Would you prefer to live in a dark living room or in a brighter living room?”

That is some of the questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on how you want your brightness to be. This is because light is actually essential for your home because it will be determined by the theme of your home. There are few things that you should take into consideration when you are deciding about the lighting of your home.

  1.   What is the main function of the light?
  2.   How much light do you want to have at one particular place?
  3.   Color temperature (warmer or cooler) – it really plays a big role

What are the types of lighting that you should know?

  1.   General lighting – primary source of light in the room
  2.   Task lighting – limiting shadows
  3.   Accent lighting – for design and decorative purposes

What is the importance of lighting at your home?

  1.   Making space looks more spacious

This is applicable to both natural lighting and bulbs. Especially if you have a smaller space (house or room) choosing the right amount of light will be the best that you can do to make the space look more spacious. There are various types of light that you can use and natural lighting is one of them. In order to get natural lighting, you can simply install a larger window or put mirrors at some part of your house so that there will be reflected lights. Also, choose the right tones of color especially for the walls and furniture as that will affect the brightness of the space.

  1.   Building happy mood

The brightness of the space will actually bring a lot of effects to your feelings. And bright rooms will boost up your mood because you can feel refreshed just by being in a bright room. This is usually affected by the general lighting as it gives you the natural lighting and actually will attract more people to be at that space. If the space or room is getting insufficient amount of light, it will become unattractive and bring out gloomy vibes.

  1.   Saves a lot of money

This is especially when your house uses natural lighting from the surrounding. For example, you are using the glass sliding door which means your house has less concrete wall, you will not need any extra light and that will surely save your money on electricity bills. But, you can save your money even when using a bulb if you are using an LED light bulb. If you want to know more about lights, bulbs and LEDs, you can search patlite distributor in Malaysia so you can read more about it.

  1.   Enhance your interior design

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Every house must have their own interior design so good lighting will help to enhance everything that you have in that space. The types of lighting that will enhance your interior design is the task lighting because it will usually be more popped out.