It is true that children these days spend too much time with their gadgets instead of enjoying their childhood by playing outside in the mud. Kids in the old days never spent their evenings indoors as they were always eager to go outside and catch some bugs with their friends. There is this habit where mothers always have to go look for their children outside when the sun sets as they are always playing without intending to go back home earlier. If we compare them to the kids in the 21st century, it’s like looking at the day and night. The children refused to even get out of their room as they wanted to play with their video games or post videos on Instagram. It is very hard to convince them to play outdoors because they are not used to spending time outside the house. Some of them do not even like to chat with their parents because their gadgets are always in their minds. This is not good since their obsession with gadgets can affect their eyesight and even distract them from their tasks. 

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There are, however, some ways to reduce your children’s use of technology.

Schedule Their Time Spent With Their Gadgets

One of the easiest ways to reduce the use of technology among your children is to schedule certain times for them to use their gadgets. This means that you must be strict and get them used to the schedule. As an example, your children can only play with their smartphones from 8am-3pm. Let them find other ways to entertain themselves such as playing outside or helping you to bake. This could be effective because they might realise that they are spending too much time with their gadgets instead of their own family. Hopefully, they would be able to follow the schedule and use the other time of the day to study or bonding with their friends. Be careful though, because some kids can be tricky as they go out to play at their friend’s home but end up playing video games there. Thus, make sure they have no access to any gadgets outside the schedule. Moreover, you can install a site in their gadgets to view and manage what they can watch or what they should not. Some sites let you install parental control settings in your children’s gadgets. Check out malaysia web design company if you want them to develop such a design for you. 

Introduce Them To Cards And Board Games

In the past, cards and board games were often played because there were no gadgets that could distract us from playing with the members of our family. Cards such as UNO, Old Maid and Cards Against Humanity. The kids might know how to play because it is available to be played online, but introduce them to the cards where they can learn how to shuffle and the rules of each card game. Do this at least twice a week so that they will use less gadgets to entertain themselves. By spending more time with them, you can guilt-trip them that they do not spend much time with their family because of technology. Besides, there are many board games you can also play like chess and Scrabble.

Plan Play Dates For Your Children

If your children are around 4 to 5 years old and they are an only child, then it’s understandable how they become obsessed with their gadgets. They probably feel lonely because there are no siblings to play with them. Thus, you can plan play dates with other kids their age so that they will be able to let go of their gadgets during that time. Some kids that do not like to socialise become better after going on play dates because it lets them make friends and communicate with each other.

Last Words

With how much children use the technology these days, parents should be concerned about their physical and mental health. The effects of excessive gadgets use is real and it could happen to your children, so make an effort to acknowledge the issue and spend some time to take a look at how your children are doing. Take the necessary action now for the bright future of your children, despite them insisting that they are spending all those time with technology because it’s good for their dream career like being a gamer.