You have probably heard of earning money online and other sources, but have heard of earning money through gaming? Many people, especially the smart ones, are using this technique to earn some side income while working their permanent job. This is because people always tend to find free time to do what they like, and as a gamer, you must have known that you always end up playing games at the end of a tiring day. Gaming is definitely not a bad thing, in fact, there are many benefits to it, one of which is earning money of course.
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Let’s first break down the benefits of gaming psychologically and physically. Honestly, gaming has proven to increase your IQ and memory skills. This will come in handy especially if you are a student, or just a regular adult in working life. You will also be very calculative and you will learn to be more patient. You will manage to think a step ahead of a decision made and solve any problems that you’re undergoing with ease, this is because gaming especially playing online casinos, requires you to make decisions that would benefit you while you are under pressure knowing all about online gambling 101.

Speaking of online casinos, playing casino games can make you earn money, if you know the techniques and strategy, I would say why not give it a go?

Back to benefits, physically, gaming will make you an expert especially in multitasking, because you are doing so many things while playing a game. For example, you are playing a video game in multiplayer mode and your mom is in the house. Your hands will be tied to the controller, while your ears will be listening to your team members, and you might be talking to your mother and answering her question at the same time. It also makes you focus not only on one aspect but from a multi-point of view.

Okay, so how to make money in gaming? Easy, all you gotta do is become a streamer, twitch your gaming experience and gaming session life or record, and upload it. If you had a great game, then I can bet you will be gaining more viewers on your videos. Not just twitch but you can even do this in Youtube videos, where you pre-record a game, and edit the best parts in it, try to add a little sense of humor spice to it and people would love to watch it.

Moreover, you can also be a reviewer, where the company pays you to review the game, not only that you get paid to play a game, you can do this depending on your time that you are free to do so.