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Hello, readers! If you have been thinking about becoming a web developer, you have come to the right website! Becoming a web developer is a great choice for you in today’s world with the growing demand for the usage of the internet. A web developer is one of the most popular career demands in the business industry as there is a growing number of business brands that choose to appear on online platforms to grow their business to the next level. 


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What is Web Development?


Before we discuss more deeply about a web developer, do you know what web development is? Well, web development is a process of creating a website that uses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to implement programming fundamentals in browser-based projects. In more simple words, website development refers to all of the efforts that go into creating and programming a website.


Website development encompasses all related development responsibilities, such as scripting, server security settings, coding, content management system development (CMS) and website designing.


Web Developer’s Job Scope


Well, as you know, web developers create and build websites. But do you know they do much more than that? Not only do they create websites on the internet for their clients, but they also need to maintain, and optimise the websites. On top of that, web developers must also assess consumers’ requirements to ensure that the appropriate information, images, and basic structure meet both the user’s and the website’s objectives. They draw on knowledge from software development, graphic design, and computer coding and they frequently collaborate with experts in each sector.


Types of Web Developers

web developer Malaysia




As its name suggests, front-end developers take control of how the interface of the websites looks like. They deal with the client-side of the website. When you click on a website, the front page of the website is what the front-end creates and develops ranging from the colours to the layout of the website. They are using a combination of technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to design and create better consumer experience elements on website pages.




All of the technical aspects of the website pages are laid out by back-end developers. They create the part of the website that the consumers can’t see, but it’s responsible for the functionality that keeps everything on the website running smoothly. They work on the server-side. The back end is known for handling the most sensitive components of a programme, such as security, sensitive data, control devices and so on. 




A full-stack web developer is someone who can work on both client and server-side projects while developing a website. They understand how to use HTML and CSS, as well as how to programme a browser and how to programme a server in website development. They have the flexibility to support both front-end and back-end development teams. 


Important Skills to Become a Web Developer


  1. HTML


  1. JavaScript 


  1. CSS


  1. Application Programming Interface (API)


  1. Data Bases Analysis