I take it that you cannot stop gambling. I take it that this is the most entertaining activity for you, and it will take an army before you will give this up. In fact, now that maybe the casinos are not available in your areas, you are moving to a live casino in Malaysia, because there are also many games and it is a lot safer, considering the global situation we have these days. 

When it comes to casinos though, there are things you should not do and if you are not aware about them yet, look below.

Here are some pointers:

  • Never take a picture inside the facility. Not only that you will be apprehended, it is also not ethical. You see, gambling is not something you should be proud of. This is why some won’t even tell others they have been to a casino. There are also times when some big bosses will bring their mistresses to a casino and you might accidentally capture them, and this can cause a problem to their families. So, if you want to shout out that you have been in a casino, do it outside the facility where the guards have no rights to tell you off. 
  • Never get inside a casino with your phone not put to silent or not turned off. If you can’t turn off your phone as you need to be notified of something important, you have to make sure it will be put to silent. This way, you won’t be able to bother others who are concentrating on their games. After all, some of them are betting big amounts. 
  • Always dress up appropriately. Some casinos will not allow their players to dress ruggedly. You really have to wear shoes and the right kind of attire. You have to abide by their dress code for short. 
  • You will be allowed to drink in a casino facility because this is not a church after all. But then again, you should know your limit and you should make sure your drinking will not affect others. You should not drink if you can’t handle it as you are not alone. There are other players who are so focused on their games and will not even drink. So, you have to mind your manners if you do so. 
  • Don’t buy chips right away without knowing the minimum bet of the game you’re planning to take part of. And don’t buy chips from the dealer. That is not their job. It is either you check the counter for this activity, or you just lay down your cash in front of you and the one assigned to exchange it will surely notice. He will approach you for sure. 
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live casino Malaysia

In passing

Just like in any facility, there are dos and don’ts. You need to abide by them as you are just a client there. Don’t be a hard-headed player and don’t give problems. Since you are there to enjoy, then do it and you will surely enjoy it to the max!