Looking to partner up with a web developer to help your business? Here’s 5 things you should consider when hiring someone for the job.


  • How long does it take for a web developer to cultivate their talents?

What if your website gets hacked? What happens if you encounter sudden errors? Just in case your website fails to perform well, you need someone who can respond quickly and efficiently. Politely ask your potential web developer if he or she can take you on as a client, and provide fast turnaround times on all tasks.



  • How can you gauge a website developer’s experience level?

Look at all their previous projects. If possible, research on their previous clients’ feedbacks. Interview creative digital firms that create websites, browse their website, past projects and case studies. It’s also important to ask for 3 current web development clients.



  • How do web developers bill clients?

Freelance website designers and digital marketing agencies bill clients in different ways. Both can bill hourly. Others set a monthly fee, with extra billable projects that can extend outside the contract’s scope. Make sure that your web developer has a thorough tracking system that can record every task that is performed.


  • What type of technical skills should your developer have?

The most efficient website developers have tons of technical skills. Hire someone who can help set your brand apart from the rest of the competition. Below are some skills he or she must have:

Hire a web developer whose skills can address all of your needs.

Ask yourself first what kind of website you want. After that, it’s time to look for the perfect website developer. Interview your potential developer, and ask him or her the following questions.

  • How can website architecture affect sales conversions?
  • What specific design elements can you incorporate to attract more industry buyers?
  • Can you design a website with features which are easy enough for interns to manage?
  • Can you build a website that works well on all devices?


A website can look visually appealing, but if it’s not designed based on your needs, then you will not get good results. Look for a website developer who can help you achieve all of your goals.