Trying out a new thing isn’t as easy as you think. Sometimes, it needs courage or even confidence. Whether you are eating any new food from a different country or calling your friend to try bungee jumping, it might be something really special or close to your heart. After all, life is short and we have to make every moment memorable as rewinding time is a big no. Obviously, if people had the power to travel back in time, their life would experience a complete turn over. Trying out a new activity, which means stepping out of your comfort zone can be quite challenging but trust me, you would be in cloud nine. If you are figuring out what can you try to get entertained and or make your life worth living, hop on this ride to discover them.


1.Pay a stranger’s bill

Putting a smile on someone’s face can double up your happiness. In this era, most people are chasing after their career where they do not even have ‘ME TIME’. This definitely creates a situation where people are constantly on stress as they do not have any other options but to live their lives to make a good earning. So, it is not expected for you to join organisations or charity houses ( if you really can commit, then go for it) where you can just reduce the burden of a stranger by buying them dinner. Doing a good deed sometimes just takes a little effort. All that you need is a big heart to do so. If you feel like doing something bigger, you can head to supermarkets to pay the bills of some olderly people. This will brighten their day and their blessings will forever be with them. 


2. Travel alone 

At some point in life, people have to take a break in whatever they have been doing to experience a change. This is because life is not about earning only. When you decide to travel alone, you will be exposed to many advantages such as being independent. First of all, travelling makes you do everything from booking the flight tickets to finding a restaurant to satiate your cravings, you need to figure it all out by yourself. People who travel solo will have the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world and share their culture. 


3. Dye your hair


No, you don’t have to go blonde and pinkish where you can just go for a simple colour that you love or you think that it will look good on you. It is all about self expressing where it can be done anytime without any age limit. But why must you do it? It can boost your confidence and inner spirit. Changing your hairstyle, whether it is a simple hair cut or hair colouring, it just uplifts your mood and spirit. 

4. Camp Out

Pitching a tent and staying in for a night or two while enjoying the gentle night breeze and gazing at stars would definitely hit you differently. Look for popular camping sites around you and bring one or two of your friends with you especially if you have never done this before so that you would not get lost. Apart from that, camping will give you a reason for you to connect more with mother nature and be in awe with the beauty of it. We bet you will have a spectacular time and experience discovering new species of flora and fauna that you probably would not be aware of. You can make your expenditure even more worthwhile if you could go camping with an expert.


5. Visit a casino

In some countries gambling is against their law and regulations. If you are visiting a country or you have the access to gain the entry to a casino, then go for it. Just spend some time exploring how gambling is carried out and if you are a professional gambler then why not? There are some casinos which are very well known such as the genting casino  malaysia or their physical casino to experience some real adventurous gambling activities like Roulette and this casino should definitely be in your list as you do not want to miss it.


Finally these are what can be done if you want to get entertained or spend your time in a meaningful way. Whatever you do, there should be a limit for everything in order to avoid yourself from being in dangerous situations.