When men look at watches, they typically go for the craftsmanship and the features. When women look for a timepiece, their basis usually revolves around the looks.

Watches for women are elegant and that is even more so considering that most women typically wear them only to accentuate the clothes they are wearing.

That being said, this is not to say that such watches are devoid of any watch complications, but this is to say that if you are thinking of giving a female friend a watch as a gift, then you must know how they think in terms of choosing one.

Today, I am going to help you choose a watch for your female friend by providing you with some time-tested tips.

The Mechanism

Also known as watch movement, this refers to the mechanism that makes the watch move. At this point, we have to rule out a mechanical watch movement simply because it is impractical, especially to a lady. Instead, we are going to focus more on the automatic watch and the quartz movement.

The automatic watch has that signature smooth sweeping motion. That is because the watch operates by using a mainspring which is a long coiled metal wire that supplies power to the mechanism. To keep the watch powered on, it has a rotor that will hold a bit of kinetic energy. Of course, your lady friend should wear the watch consistently so that she shouldn’t have to worry about powering the device.

The quartz movement is powered by a battery and you can tell that a watch has this movement if the second-hand moves in a ‘tick-tick’ fashion. Watches that have this movement are much cheaper but it may not appeal to watch enthusiasts.

The Appearance

As mentioned in the early parts of the article, I’ve said that most women buy a watch mainly because of its appearance. Truth be told, there are different colored watches out there that can surely be an advantage to women.

When buying a watch for a lady friend, make sure to think about their skin tone. There are some colors that would match really well depending on the color of their skin. For instance, warmer skin tones would fit well with either green or gold colors.

As for the glass, if you can afford it, I want you to buy a watch that has sapphire glass on it. This is so that the watch remains scratch-resistant and that is something that you want so that the watch face remains clean.

The watch’s dial is not a major concern. Just make sure that it is not too big so as to take away the appeal off of the main watch face.

The Strap

Now, this is probably the hardest thing to think about when giving a watch to your friend. You not only have to think about how it will look on your friend but you also have to consider comfort as well.

The most stylish strap is metal watchband. This is especially true if you opt for the golden color. Of course, leather straps are okay but unless your friend knows how to clean the watch strap from time to time, it may not be the best option for them.