Top 5 Web Design Tips for the Writers Website

1. Use your author website to grow your email list.

Give your readers an interesting, simple offer. How can you let it stand out? Why not use big and colorful typography? Pop-up windows are also effective. Just don’t make it annoying, and prove to them that your offer is legit. Putting testimonials around your pages is also helpful.

2. Use your author website to republish reviews.

Feel free to republish any positive book review from Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other platform. Your website can improve if it is filled with happy words and reviews from readers. Video testimonials can also be included, so don’t forget to bring a camera to your book signing.

3. Place your CTAs strategically.

One of the objectives of your website is to encourage visitors to take specific actions that would benefit you. Place your CTAs strategically around your pages. So, what makes a good call-to-action statement? Effective use of verbs. Below are some examples:
• Subscribe for updates
• Book me to speak at an event
• Request an interview

4. Make it all about you.

Your author website should be all about you and your writing.
• Relevant professional aspects of your background
• Current projects, future plans, and Past publications
• Your credentials, such as awards, accolades and press mentions

5. Let them know when and where to find you.

Is there a book signing somewhere else? Are you reaching somewhere else? If you have a radio guesting or next appearance, encourage your readers to attend them to your website.