Back when SEO was still a young science, people who are used it had the intention of driving as much traffic as possible, even if it meant using unethical methods.

Things like overstuffing content with keywords (even to the extent that those words made their content unnatural to read), using shady advertising schemes, among others are things that were used predominantly back in the day.

As a person who primarily focuses on using white-hat tricks, I did some black-hat SEO as well. And to be honest, I was not proud of what I did.

Yeah, I did help the companies I served by implementing SEO strategies to the tee and we experienced great results. However, it was not just satisfying to have to con people to actually drive more traffic to your website, no matter what the costs may be.

However, that is not true today. Google has revised their algorithms to the point that they swiftly and severely punish websites that still use Black-hat SEO tactics to help gain the upper hand over others.

So, what makes a website rank higher these days? Here are some of the key components according to a SEO firm:

  • Establish a Good Reputation

In business, reputation is everything. If you were found to have used shady schemes just to lure people to your cause, then it will be unlikely that people will visit your website again. This is especially true for companies who have used Black-hat SEO strategies before. Some of them are still dumbfounded on why their once stellar results are virtually non-existent today.

As much as possible, be truthful to your customers and never rely on using any shady tactics just to help improve your company’s SEO.

Fortunately, Google and other search engine giants actually support the use of clean and White-hat SEO strategies, so if you were once a person who has implemented a lot of shady schemes, then it is a time for a change of heart.

  • Listen to Your Customers

3 Key Components of a Successful SEO Strategy
3 Key Components of a Successful SEO Strategy

Another key component of a successful SEO strategy is to actually listen to your customers. Just ask Google. Whenever you ask them why they’ve changed their search engine’s algorithm so much, their answer is actually pretty simple: it is to help provide the best possible solution to the user’s search query.

So, you, as a company or business owner, should follow suit as well. Ask yourself how you can best provide the products and services to your customers that have some value in it as well.

You can conduct short surveys or you can even interview some of them. They might say something like your website is not mobile-friendly enough or something, in this case, you have to act accordingly to fix it as soon as possible.

  • Patience

Lastly, you need to have patience. Even though you’ve implemented and followed the guidelines to the tee, it will still require enough patience for you to reap the benefits of your SEO strategy.

Do not be disheartened if you do not see any improvement in your site’s traffic just a few days or weeks after implementing such strategies. It will improve over time, just trust the process.