In this era of digital ocean we are living in, money has no longer become a want, but a need. This means that everyone realizes how important money is to the point that some would die for money. People could become desperate for money as it is hard to live without them surrounded by the technology and devices we considered a necessity nowadays. Some of the examples are smartphones and tablets where it’s the most basic technology device we should at least have in order to ease our daily routines. However, these gadgets do not come with cheap prices. It could be costly, but everyone needs them in order to communicate and connect to other people. This is also the reason why parents should train their children to save money ever since they were young so that they could realise how their savings could earn them the gadgets without relying on their parents. 

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An issue arises at this point where some people find it hard to save money. Here are the 2 types of those individuals.

The Procrastinator

It is common to hear about people procrastinating from completing their work, but do you know that people can also procrastinate to save money? They are the kind of people who postpone starting to start saving money to the next day, only to say the same thing on that next day. People with this mindset always go “What’s the harm in starting tomorrow, right? I should spend all my money today and start tomorrow”. This mindset will only help them in delaying their goals to save up to some amount of money they need. Procrastinating means that you have no discipline in managing your money. You will not be able to even start saving up if you do not plan your budget and how to spend your money carefully.

The Free Souls

These types of people are those who decide to live their life to the fullest and enjoy whatever they can in this short life. This means that they have no regret in spending as much money as they can for entertainment purposes. They live freely without the common restrictions of a normal human being. They work hard only to spend it all for expensive cruise vacations, latest technology devices and excessive forex trading. Instead of the minimum account like most would have for forex trading through forex market trading brokers, they went out of the way with multiple accounts. If you are interested in forex trading, it is generally a market where you sell, buy or exchange foreign currencies. The wealthy and higher ups love to invest in forex trading as they can show off their wealth with that. The free souls, however, do that for fun. They seem to have this motto of “work hard and spend more” in their life.

Last Words

In conclusion, people should be more attentive in making sure that everyone around them realizes the importance of saving money. That way, these types of people that find it hard to save money would be encouraged by everyone around them to drop their bad habits.