• Hang artworks properly. 

Art pieces and photo frames can make bedrooms feel bigger and more luxurious. The use of art in interior design can bring about positive results in your home. It doesn’t matter how big or small your personal space is, as long there is a space for captivating art.

  • Look for the best angles.

Several individuals think that placing furniture pieces against the walls is a good option. It’s actually not. Why not try placing an art piece at a unique angle, or surrounded by open spaces? There are lots of better wall décor ideas

  • Choose the same color for your walls and furniture.

By utilizing matching colors, you can have a neat and clean space, with beautiful furniture that blends well with the walls. Do you think you need help when it comes to choosing the most appropriate wall colors? Hire an interior design and architect firm in Kuala Lumpur that can assist you on this matter.  

  • Do you have enough natural lighting.

Natural lighting immediately opens up spaces, and at the same time, gives a modern look. One of the best things you can do is to include huge windows around the living room. 

  • Raise armchairs and sofas.

When armchairs and sofas are raised on legs, it usually establishes a sense of space and light. 

  • Make the ceiling look higher.

For several people, the only way to effectively decorate a small home is to use small furniture. But truth is, you don’t need to limit all of your choices.