By now, you’ve probably managed a lot of conferences and you’re pretty confident about making similar future events.

However, the problem with this is that although you know how to handle it well from a planning standpoint, you might become too stale when it comes to creativity.

As planners, there will always come a time where we become stuck without creative ideas. Fortunately for you, I happen to have some amazing conference staging ideas that can help elevate the experience in your future events. Read on to find out what these tips are!

1. Think of the Ambience

As an event agency, you must know that the venue is an important aspect of a conference and it is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that you set the right mood.

You can do this by putting some decorations on the entire venue or somewhere that it is prominent. Make sure that the decorations you’re using are appropriate for the event as you do not want an informal motif to be seen in such a formal conference, right?

To help capture the important highlights, you can hire a photographer as well. They should be the one to take some shots that really capture the best things on the occasion.

2. Use “Unconventional” Materials

What I noticed about the events nowadays is that planners and coordinators make use of modern technology more than ever before. And, to be honest, there is nothing wrong with that except for a creativity standpoint.

Since using technology is now the norm, why not make use of “unconventional” methods. Or, I think it is inappropriate to say they are unconventional, so we will now refer to it as “traditional”.

Some examples would be to use giant Styrofoam letters. The beauty of this is that you can pretty much think about the size, the color, and the design as well.

Another great option you can take is to create a fabric panel grid work. Basically, you get a set of fabrics and you piece them all together to make the stage backdrop. You can make use of different colored fabrics to set the tone of your conference. You can also utilize ones that are “light-friendly” so that it will not bounce off or something.

3. Bring in the AV

The AV is actually another important part of the conference. Although it doesn’t really require a lot of creativity because it is already a set structure, you can be creative in the sense of how you implement these things in the venue.

For instance, you can use different colored LEDs to help accentuate the different elements of the stage. The lights also act as a mood-setter, so be sure to use one that highlights the emotion you want to evoke.

The screen should also be prominent, but position it in a way that does not take too much attention away from the guest speaker or VIP.

When it comes to the sound, the speakers should be placed in a way that everybody can hear clearly what the speaker is saying.


As event organizers, we can get stale when it comes to creativity. Instead of using the usual things, mix it up a little bit by using the more traditional methods of improving stage ambiance. Use the lights accordingly and make sure that the AV system is positioned in a way that will elevate your guests’ experience.