Did you know that it only takes as fast as 3 seconds for your site visitor to decide that he/she does not like your website? When you want your ecommerce website to be successful, you need to take extra measures to catch your visitors attention or you can acquire help from ecommerce agencies. Here are the things your online store should have to please anyone checking out your site:

1. A cart, a search navigation, and an option to login.

These are considered as the 3 essential aspects of any online shop. Installing a search box will be necessary when you offer a wide range of products. This makes it easier for your shoppers to get what they are looking for.

2. An effective call to action.

Encourage your site visitors to buy by creating persuasive copies. It takes time mastering this one, since there are types of copies that look encouraging enough but they will not prompt the people to buy.

3. A logo of your business.

This symbolizes your brand. It is like your face in the world of business. This is what people will first remember when they hear your name. It matters to spend time thinking of a really good design. It is important that it is easy to get noticed.

4. Promotions

If you really want the customers to keep coming back, keep them excited with deals. And of course, who would say no to freebies? People will appreciate getting special offers for every purchase they made on your website.

5. Updates regarding your products.

There are instances when retailers want to highlight a certain item. Maybe it’s also an upcoming event, like the store’s biggest annual sale. Make it easy to see by creating a promotions page right on your homepage. Come up with a specific page for news and updates regarding your products.

6. Your contact numbers.

Should there be queries regarding their purchases or about the shipping, the business should be easy to reach out. Include your email, your phone numbers, and even your business address. Some websites even have a 24-hour hotline. This one may be needed depending on the nature of your business. If you cannot afford this one yet, an online chat will do. You can even use social media like Facebook to instantly answer your customer’s concern.

7. Relevant links.

Do you have social media pages? If not yet, don’t wait for too long before creating two to three for your business. You can create a small icon of your social media pages so people could check it out and learn more about your services. You are missing out on a lot of good opportunities by not engaging with your audience on social media. It will also be helpful to include the icons of your payment methods because that is what shoppers check first.


There you have it Do note that there is already a WordPress plugin for all of these essentials. Like WordPress, platforms such as Joomla and Magento are great for ecommerce sites.