Are you thinking of planning your own wedding celebration? Well, there are plenty of things to handle and take care of. You may want to hire an experienced professional from a wedding event company to ensure that everything on the big day would be smooth sailing and flawless.

Here are 5 tips about getting a wedding coordinator or planner.

1. Should you get a wedding coordinator or wedding planner?

What does a wedding planner do?

  • Involves in the early aspects of planning
  • Creates your wedding’s game plan
  • Research your wedding venue
  • Plans checklists and updates budgets
  • Helps you get the best wedding event partners, and attends all of the meetings to coordinate everything
  • Reviews contracts before singing
  • Helps with the styling and creative specifications

What does a wedding coordinator do?

  • Works on a shorter timeline compared to a wedding planner
  • Confirms details and contracts, to make sure that nothing is left out
  • Creates diagrams and timelines, and coordinates with the events team
  • Makes sure that guest counts and final payments are already in order
  • Conducts rehearsal ceremonies
  • Ensures that all your vendors are all on the same page
  • Functions as your decision maker and liaison for a stress-free wedding day

2. Manage expectations.

Every wedding planner is different. Some of them are willing to do more, some less. The moment you hire someone, schedule a meeting right away. The two of you should go over the contract meticulously, point by point. From there, you can manage your expectations and requirements. Remember, communication is the key to a good working relationship. Just be honest with your planner, so there will be zero disappointments later on.

3. Trust your wedding planner.

Make sure that the wedding planner you are working with is dedicated. Apart from that, he or she must be easy to get along with. The scope of his or her work covers not just vendor negotiations, but also plenty of money matters. See to it that you got someone trustworthy and hardworking. Together, you can turn our dream wedding into an awesome reality.

4. Let your planner streamline all the ideas and possibilities.

You all want the best for your wedding. Oftentimes, lots of ideas are there, it’s so hard to choose among all the beautiful concepts. This is where the wedding planner comes in. let him or her help you look at the possibilities.

If you are working full time, trust your wedding planner to attend important meetings for you. He or she can help you do the leg work regarding some of your vendors.

5. Make a detailed checklist.

Sure, your wedding planners and coordinators can take care of the most stressful routines, but you should do your part. Let them know what you want, and how you picture your special day. Great communication is key for a fruitful partnership. Make a checklist, and hand it over to them.

Final Reminders!

If you can handle the costs, hiring a full-service wedding planner is the way to go. He or she can make sure that all the wedding details are being handled smoothly and efficiently.