• Baby carrier

Are you looking for new baby carriers in Malaysia? Make sure to take your time in looking for the perfect career, depending on your needs and budget. At present, several parents are settling for babywearing carriers for more comfort and bonding. You can consider that as well. 

  • Baby Diapers

This is a baby essential no one forgets. Along the way, you may spend plenty of time, looking for the right brand, but at the end of the day, even if you consider a basic cloth diapers, you would be just fine. 

  • Portable playard

For parents with a mobile lifestyle, pack ‘n play playards can prove beneficial at home, or on the road. It can be tempting to buy a traditional crib with bumper and sheets, but for you it’s not a necessity. 

  • Basic layette

Newborn babies need comfortable clothes. That’s all they need at this point. Also, they grow up fast, and wouldn’t be able to use those extravagant baby clothes baby registries provide. All you need to purchase are little t-shirts, socks, pants, onesies and a lightweight hat. 

  •  Car seat

You don’t need the fanciest car seat in town. Just make it was created based on safety standards. It’s also best for your stroller to go with your cars seat. 

  • Basic grooming tools

You won’t really need everything that is inside a basic baby grooming tool, but you need to have it in case of emergency. Put together a grooming kit with a thermometer, bulb syringe, fingernail clippers and more.