So, you’ve decided to be a freelance designer. You’ve got your portfolio of great designs ready and you’re sure to find an employer at a web design company soon. Once you’ve found a client and talked with them about a certain project, you’re confident that you can deliver.

However, that is always the case when it comes to designing. It seems easy at first, but when you delve deeper into the creative process, things start to get pretty difficult.

So, what are you going to do? Well, create a mood board. In this article, I will tell you 3 main reasons why you need to start introducing mood boards into your creative process.

It Helps You Get The Flow of The Project

Ever started anything without a direction? Perhaps a project or something that you want to write?

Things are really easy to start, however, there will always come a time when we get stuck in the creative process.

A mood board – a special board that allows you to pin and post pictures and images for inspiration – is some sort of a guide.

Whenever you start your designing process, things will work out just fine. But you might get stuck in a creative rut during the middle phase of the development.

This is where a mood board comes in. It gives you direction on where you need to go and how you can move forward from the creative rut. Furthermore, it gives you a glimpse of how things will turn out in the end.

It Can Give You an Easier Time When Talking to Your Clients

You have probably talked about a certain design project with a client based on just words. And although some are good at visualizing things; they might still end up thinking of the wrong picture.

A mood board can help you talk to your clients and set their expectations right off the bat. Create a mood board and present it to them. Ask them what they think about it- if they like it, good; if not, then change some things until it meets their standards.

Again, presenting them a mood board will help them know how everything will look like.

You Have All The Freedom

Mood boards can help you get back on track and the best thing is that you can do it on a computer or an application which is much easier than plotting everything using pen and paper.

That being said, how do you create a mood board?

  1. Search a website or a platform that offers various images depending on your search terms. Sites like Pinterest and Imgur are good for this.
  2. Use an online platform like Sampleboard and Evernote. The former allows you to upload your own images and you can put them in individual projects while the latter allows for more flexibility since you can use the computer software or a mobile phone application.
  3. Start by putting all of the relevant images, experiment with the colors, and then type some text so that you will know how it looks like. Adjust accordingly until you get things that satisfy both your creative mind and your clients.


That’s basically it! Mood boards can really help you in the creative process. Whether you’re designing a website or any other artistic endeavor, it can really help you a lot during the development phase.